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About MyTopMatchMaker Helps to Make the Right Love Match

MyTopMatchMaker® is heavily networked within your local community continuously targeting specific personality and character types of high quality. Effectively sorting the wheat from the chaff on your behalf. Love for many can be elusive, and the search can be laborious, disenfranchising, and leave you soul searching.

Let us be the searcher for your soul, and let your soul be selective. We passionately pursue quality ladies and gentlemen on your behalf, and have 23 years of unparalleled industry experience doing so.

Thousands upon thousands of local couples matched successfully, so become part of the incredible journey that MyTopMatchMaker® is today!

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Handcrafted introductions without use of computer software. Accurate, verified profiles, screened and qualified by MyTopMatchmaker®.

Pre-Date Planning

Dating etiquette education

Instantaneous talking points

Expert Analysis

Premiere Advice

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Dining recommendations for first date

Event recommendations for second date


Share your feelings with MyTopMatchmaker®

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Enjoy meeting quality singles in your community

To find out more about how MyTopMatchMaker can get you on the right track into a positive dating experience, visit or call Karen Stein directly at (602) 616-0026.

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