About Spotless Carpet Care

Since 2002, Spotless Carpet Care owner Steve Cordell has been operating his business based on service, integrity and results. With so many choices in carpet care services available in the East Valley and Valleywide, his business is different and his customers have responded with overwhelming praise. Cordell is a veteran of the carpet cleaning industry. He saw room in the industry to create better service for home and business owners and he seized the opportunity.

Spotless Carpet Care utilizes the hot water extraction method of cleaning which provides a very thorough cleaning with no chemicals. This method is recommended by all carpet manufacturers. "It doesn't leave any residue," adds Cordell. "The water is 230 degrees so it disinfects everything thoroughly, as well." Truck-mounted cleaning units minimize the use of clunky machines that beat up furniture and baseboards. Only hoses come into the home to complete the task of cleaning.

Spotless Carpet Care is based out of Chandler and operates primarily in the East Valley. Visit www.spotlessaz.com or call (480) 821-4176 for additional information or to make an appointment.

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