Chandler Associations and Organizations

Aside from Chandler’s beautiful sunsets and breathtaking mountain vistas, this city has a few of the most diverse and engaged associations and organizations in the Valley.

One of the very active associations in Chandler is the Chandler Chamber of Commerce. It prides itself on many things and those are The Chandler Chamber Community Foundation, the Small Business Development Center and its famous SCORE. At the community foundation they concentrate on providing leadership skills by offering many courses. The foundation also provides scholarships to students that attend Chandler-Gilbert Community College. These scholarships encourage hard work and dedication throughout the area.

The Small Business Center offers free information to any one that has questions about starting or maintaining a business and the development center works very closely with the Chamber of Commerce. As a nationwide network of SBDC centers, they are funded by SBA. Well worth the funding, this organization is proud of the training and counseling offered to whoever is inspired.

The SCORE is a nonprofit group that runs solely by volunteers. This group is strong and engrained as an established cornerstone of Chandler. There are more than 100 working members giving their time and effort to SCORE. These members are accomplished people that give freely of their time and effort in order to help others succeed. Helping other entrepreneurs obtain their dream is what this group is all about.

A very established fraternity located in Chandler is the Masonic Lodge (Chandler Freemasons) This is a group of men that meet to discuss religion, politics etc. These men all have a difference of opinion when it comes to these issues, which is what makes being part of the group interesting. The established organization welcomes the general public to certain events on a regular basis. The Masonic Lodge is located at 88 W. Erie St., Chandler.

The City of Chandler has many public service divisions that have been recognized by professional organizations including, Business, National League of Cities, “AARP Magazine” and “Money Magazine.”Chandler’s public service divisions include the fire and police departments, Chandler’s municipal utilizes, police communications, public works and city purchasing.

The City of Chandler has many other associations and professional organizations. For a complete listing, visit