• A young, successful executive was zipping down a neighborhood street in his new Mercedes. He was watching for kids darting out from between parked cars, thought he saw something and slowed down. No children appeared. Instead, a brick smashed against the car’s door. ...Read More
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  • We are always running extra hard trying to make up for the one thing we never have enough of, and that would be this: Time. Look at how inefficiently business people manage time: Nine out of 10 people spend up to two hours a day chatting; and 75 percent of people spend up to two hours a day on social media sites. ...Read More
  • If you are running a business or have leadership responsibilities or are in sales, or if you have any job at all that doesn’t require solitary confinement, you sure can’t be moping around all day long looking sad and gloomy. You might rub off on the rest of us who would prefer to remain upbeat and enthusiastic. 2016 wasn’t a downer for every single one of us. Cut us a break. ...Read More

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Don Henninger


About Don Henninger


Don Henninger has been a top media executive and business leader for over 35 years in Arizona.

His newspaper journey ultimately led to his role as managing editor of the Arizona Republic and then later publisher/CEO of the Phoenix Business Journal.

His experience and connections were the basis for over 850 columns, must-reads for anyone in business.

He now works as a leadership, business development and communications consultant, with services ranging from public speaking and team building to executive-level relationship development.

 Visit: www.dhadvisors.com

 Email: [email protected]

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