Dimension 5 Productions Offers Spectacular Summer Sale

Dimension 5 Productions Offers Spectacular Summer Sale

Every business has a story and Dimension 5 Productions can expertly tell that story with an unmatched quality and professionalism. Video and animation can place your business head and shoulders above the competition. It can convey your mission, reveal your passion and explain your goods in services in a concise and compelling way. Dimension 5 calls this an “explainer video” and it can also include graphics and custom animation that will show customers who you are and what you do!

Owner, videographer and filmmaker Michael Colvin says, “I design the video strategy with every client. The process starts with research on their product or services and the business owner and staff. I also do research on the competition; what sort of video are they using? Are they making any claims within their marketing? Once I have a good understanding of the business, I develop a strategy that's right for the client's business.”

Dimension 5 Productions can create a custom video for your business that can be utilized just anywhere. Post your video to your business website, share it across social media, use it at your next trade show or convention and embed it in your next email blast. However you choose to showcase your business through the use of video, Dimension 5 Productions will produce your visual message in a compelling and engaging manner. Explainer videos start at only $699 and serve as a testament to the legacy of your business!

Creating unique and compelling videos is Colvin’s passion. He says, “I love to help business grow! I get a real sense of accomplishment when a client comes back and says our customers really like our video or it helped a potential client choose them over the competition.”

Dimension 5 Productions is equal to the task of nearly any video production. The added value of Colvin’s marketing savvy and production insight gives any business or organization an exceptional level of polish. “Basically, we’re storytellers,” finishes Colvin. “We want to tell the best story we can about everything.” For additional information on Dimension 5 productions, visit www.d5prod.com or call (480) 704-4538.

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